Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Our Homeschool Life

Homeschooling in this day and age is not such a fringe idea as it was back when I was growing up, when truant officers came around to see why kids were not in school and being outside during school hours just wasn't done!! There is so much more acceptance of homeschooling these days and people of all stripes homeschool for so many different reasons. There are also SO many more resources and SO much more support out there for homeschoolers!!

My children are actually second-generation homeschoolers, as I was homeschooled the bigger chunk of my school years as a missionary kid. My husband was also homeschooled for two years. We chose to homeschool for multiple and varied reasons, though in all honesty our biggest reason is a life-threatening food allergy...as food allergy bullying is becoming a problem in schools as food allergies are also on the rise.

We are technically now in our fourth year of homeschooling, though the first couple of years were just with my son and VERY relaxed. But now I have a third grader and a preschooler...and I wanted to start blogging again...so here we are!! I am hoping to use this blog as a place to share both my goals and plans and curriculum choices...as well as to document what we are up to personally as we explore and enjoy this educational journey that we are on!! 😊